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    KTS Turbobillet X


KTS Turbobillet X (KTS) is a specialty manufacturer of high performance Machined-From-Solid (MFS) Compressor wheel, also known as Billet Impeller.

We take pride in our work. Our value proposition is eXcitement - all that we do revolves around offering you technology, performance, selection, delivery and lowest risk. KTS billets are proven around the world and insisted by a discerning customer base consisting over 600 turbo specialists, turbo manufacturers, tuners and race teams.

What they, and we, have in common is a dedication to building a high performance turbo on which eXcitement will be celebrated.

With close to 3000p/n, our aspiration today is to produce them on time and ahead of time, with the same consistent quality befitting the eXcitement proposal. KTS subscribes to Industry 4.0 and is investing significantly in technologies, robotics and processes to delight our customers.

Because our aspirations are here, so are our goals. For us, and for you, only the very best is good enough.


Industry 4.0 @ KTS

Industry 4.0 requires the integration of all systems with the machine and the exchange of digital information exchange in manufacturing technologies, to create what has been called a “smart factory”.

It encompasses the concept of “The internet of things (IoT)”- a network of physical objects - devices, machines, robotics, buildings and other items - embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. The objective is to integrate the entire organisation and planning with the production.

KTS is gearing up to being this smart factory.

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Loan Us

Loan us an OE wheel with known p/n not available in KTS and made to Performance Design, you will receive an equivalent MFS credit from KTS for the same p/n.

 About Us Loan Us Castwheel

2x Double, if applied to any twin turbo or prestige engine.
Pre authorization required.


  • Genuine Pictures Statements

    KTS hereby declares that all information, processes, technologies and equipments published in our communications are true and property of KTS.

    We do not copy nor plagarise from other sources, including from subcontractor, to claim to be ours. Some equipment are progressively fitted. Approved Tier customers are welcome to visit us at KTS to confirm such authenticity. Some picture may not show actual manufacturing processes, as they may be proprietary to KTS not giving too much ideas to the competiton.


    KTS and its dealer disclaim any relationship with machine tool makers mentioned in this booklet, other than that of a seller of machine tool and user of the same. 

    Limitation Of Liability

    In no event shall KTS and its distributors be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential or other loss or damage of any kind, whether arising out of the contract of sale or the manufacture or fitting or use of goods supplied by them, or howsoever caused, nor for any diminution in the value of other property or components howsoever arising consequent upon or resulting from the use of KTS products.