A. Number of Blades






B. Type of Bore


Through                                                                 Threaded                                                           Boreless





C. Height of Blades


     High Blade                                                                                                            Low Blade





D. Inducer


 Standard                                                                Cutback                                                             Cutback





E. Direction of Rotation


Forward     Reverse





F. Exducer


    Standard                                                                                                         Tapered Tip





G. Size of Impellers



13mm Exducer                                                                                              425mm Exducer







H. Blade Surface









KTS specialise in Flank mill, where blade surfaces are milled in a single pass and this is economical, offers superior appearance and saves time. KTS adds in other performance feature that makes up for efficiency and power, eg taper tip, slim nose, slim hub, high pitch, high blade, etc.




















Point milling brings the tool over the blade using multiple passes and this increases machining time and cost. Point Mill allows for more complicated geometry and OE are claiming a 2% increase in efficiency. 













Summary: Both Flank and Point mill are adopted by OEs KTS recommends flank mill. It is proven to bring great eXcitement, yet economical.












I. Packaging




- Attractive designs
- For markets where end-customers 
- wants assurance of the KTS brand




- Neutrality, no design
- Easy rebranding
- Keeps confidentiality of the source of supply









- Precise Foam
- Bubble Wrap















J. Machine Engraving


       Standard                                                         KTS Logo | MOQ 30                                              Custom Logo | MOQ 30





K. Laser Marking


       Standard                                                         KTS Logo | MOQ 5                                              Custom Logo | MOQ 5




L. Inkjet Marking


      Standard                                             Neutral / Blank | MOQ 1                          Custom Ink Print | MOQ 5






M. Anodizing




...and more color choices available. Color anodizing are subjected to MOQ10.





N. Customization

Ink Printing & Engraving P/N on Wheel
Staring 2013, we ink print our p/n and batch data on the back disc. Prior to this, markings were carried out by machine engraving on nose.
Tier customers can request for your own p/n to be machine engraved on the nose, or ink printed on back disc, subject to:
• Space constraint
• Above 20pcs per p/n per single order
• Not exchangeable


Engraving Logo on Wheel 

Staring 2016, tier customers can request for your own logo to be machine engraved on blade, subject to:
• New production (Old stock is cleared)
• Above 30pcs per p/n per single order
• Not exchangeable


Laser Marking Logo on Wheel

Staring Apr 2017, tier customers can request for your own logo to be laser marked on blade, subject to:
• Above 10pcs per p/n per single order
• Not exchangeable


Color Anodizing on Wheel 

Tier customers can request color anodizing on wheel. Please contact your sales person for more detail.

O. Other Turbomachinery Parts